Sunday, January 28, 2007

Can one EVAH have too many Prima Flowers???? I ask you!

Color me a happy scrapper!
Chris got the Pottery Barn shelf up for me and I gathered the many Prima bottles from all around the scraproom to put in one place.

The problem? When a 'collection' is all together, it start to really show your TRUE level of obsession.

When there are a couple bottles here and there, then it doesn't look nearly like sooo many.

I'm not EVEN gonna show the shelf with the BIG flowers... LOL

So, lesson learned.... don't arrange my scrap 'collections' with Chris in the room because he feeds off MY level of shock.
But.... isn't it a good thing that I got these at such a deal? They were buy 1 bottle and get 10 free! That is my story and I'm sticking to it! sssshhhhhhh...........

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Heather said...

SO I definitely do not want to put all of my Disney stuff in spot easily accessible by my DH's eyes?! ;)