Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Arts and Crafts time...


So, we are trying to get better about cutting with scissors and using Mom's gluesticks. We told him "2 Minutes to Arts and Crafts Time"

J: "O'tay Mommy"

..... 2 minutes pass ....

me: "Ok, kiddo... Arts and Crafts time!"
j: "hold on.. 1 mo're minute"

I hear CRASH, BOOM, BAM, PLOP coming from his room and find him fighting with robots! He looked 100% BOY then looked up at me and said "NO Arts and Crafts Mommy... I fighting 'de BAD GUYZ"

What is a mom to do? LOL
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MichelleStrachan said...

What a BOY!!! So cute!!!

kmmiller said...

Total BOY! don't just love em.