Sunday, April 8, 2007

Basket filled for Jake! Tons of candy, eggs filled with Money and Candy, a Glider, fun Military target ball gun, Bubbles, Chalks, Jumbo Markers, Monster House movie that he has really been wanting, but the most important to him.... Chocolate Eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan's basket was also filled with tons of goodies for her. An ITunes card so she can buy music for her IPod, a new handbag, a dinosaur, chalks so she can play with Jake outside, Eggs filled with money and candy, and a Glider for her too! Most important to her.... Chocolate Eggs!!!!!

YUUUMMMM, Chocolate!

And..... if you've ever wondered what happens to a teenager that was out late the night before at the movies with friends and she has pulled all the goodies out of her basket and we leave the room for just a moment.... we come back to find this!
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Kerri said...

GREAT pics and I am LOL at Jordan's pic! GREAT shot!!!