Thursday, September 13, 2007

6 letters that changed my life...

  1. S
  2. T
  3. R
  4. O
  5. K
  6. E

You would never think that such a tiny word like STROKE would make such a difference in your life, until it is used in a sentence involving a parent.

The Drs used it in a sentence with my Dad on Labor Day.

Then they found a blockage of an artery which needed immediate surgery.

3 more little letters that just plain suck... I.C.U. as in, Intensive Care Unit.

4 letters that made the world of difference: P - R - A - Y

If you pray, please pray for his speedy recovery and being able to get home. If you don't pray, then send healing vibes his way.

My Dad was at the brink of possibly not coming back, then ran back with avengance. He has had daily progress and STILL has a very long road ahead of him.

My Daddy is Superman. My Daddy is my Hero. My Daddy is my Heart. My Daddy is now in Rehabilitation to work on walking, balance, speech and self help. My Daddy is my Hero more than ever.

He is about to have his 74th Birthday in a week or so and this was his first time EVER in the Hospital. The Stroke was his Kriptonite. His stroke was also my Kriptonite.

I learned lessons I never wanted to learn:

  • Nurses don't always have the best answers.
  • The one in the bed and unable to speak NEEDS someone there to speak for them.
  • The patient NEEDS an advocate, even at 1am
  • the childhood saying of "Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" is NOT true. Words DO hurt. Alot.
  • Family can't always handle stress in the same way
  • Some people can't handle stress well at all
  • Sometimes, those people that you least expect to be able to lift you up.... are the very ones that will be there to do it.
  • An 8 hour drive on the way TO the hospital is about twice as long as the 8 hour drive home
  • My bed really IS the best bed in the world!
  • Prayers can make miracles happen

I'm not sure I'm ready for any more lessons anytime soon.

I also learned that my friends are wonderful. Thank you to all of you for all the thoughts and prayers!


kmmiller said...

sorry to hear about your dad.

My dad had strokes as well. I know the stress, pain and hurt everyone goes through.

my prayers are with you and your family.

MichelleStrachan said...

Lisa, I am so sorry you had to go through this. It seems you have grown from it, though.
Lots of Love,

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I am so sorry to hear about your dad's stroke. I will keep him in my prayers -- along with you and your entire family. My dad is my hero too, and I can't even imagine this happening -- and pray it never does.
Hugs to you,
Lisa D (@scrapyard)