Thursday, March 20, 2008

Words have great power....

Something jumped out at me today.... Words are SOOO Powerful. A husband saying "I'm sorry" to a wife that has felt unloved can bring a healing to a heart that is awe inspiring. Words used in anger, ESPECIALLY towards our children can do more damage than we will ever know. (Only their therapist in about 20 years will know how deeply you hurt them)

I ran across a list of words never to say to your kids, then this list of what you can't say enough of. I am choosing not to post the list of things NOT to say.... I'm afraid that so many of us do most of that list on a daily basis, and I want to focus on lifting UP our Children! Growing them into strong and independent Adults that will look back on their childhood and say, "Mom told me she loved me each and every day of my life!"

Post a comment and tell me how many of these things you have said to your child today:

Words You Can’t Say Enough to a Child

1.It is such a blessing to be your mom.
2.You’re an incredible person.
3.You did that so well.
4.If more kids were like you, the world would be a better place.
5.It’s so good to be with you.
6.You’re the best!
7.You are such a nice person.
8.You’re learning fast.
9.You mean so much to me.
10.You are very bright.
11.You have unlimited potential.
12.You’re on the right track now.
13.You’re getting the hang of it.
14.That’s the best you’ve ever done.
15.You’re getting better every day.
16.You’re such a quick learner.
17.I appreciate your attitude.
18.I can tell you are trying.
19.I knew you could do it.
20.Keep up the good work.
21.You are a real trooper.
22.You did a great job.
23.I believe in you.
24.You’re going to go far in life.
25. If someone lined up all the four-year-olds (use your child’s age) in the world and told me I could pick any one I wanted, I’d choose you.


Stella said...

Hey there!

I am one of those people who had been posting on School of Scrap and I still have a gallery. This morning I logged on and was shocked to see the new board. (Pleased…but shocked) I tried logging in with my old name and password and when that didn’t work I tried to register again. I couldn’t. I typed in all of the necessary info, clicked the agreement and then went to the bottom to click on the blue “Register” box. The only problem was…it wouldn’t let me click on it. The box just stays light blue and doesn’t become active.

Any idea what is wrong?

Stella Baker
(I was Kyteecher on the old board)

Lisa said...

Stella.... email me directly at

lisa @ theschoolofscrap . com (without the spaces)

kmmiller said...

new look at the school I am off to check it out.

I have said 2 of the things to my son today. Awesome list. makes you think.

Hope all is well.

Pearl Maple said...

Followed your link from 2 peas today. Thank you for this post, it is beautiful. Today I am waiting for my own little one to be delivering her first child into the world and look forward to putting some of these good thoughts into practice soon.

Wishing you the strength to care for your mother. It is a rough road to be travelling, as hard as it is there is no greater honour we can do for those who have cared for us.