Monday, August 18, 2008

Women of Faith Conference

WoW !!! What an amazing weekend {my tired footsies will give a different account}.

I served as an Usher for the Women Of Faith, Infinate Grace Conference this past weekend and was so touched by the stories and lives of the women there.

I LOVED getting to hang with the 'celebs' and doing the 'security' for their book signings. I got to know several of them on a personal level and have to say that they all are very down to earth and are passionate about sharing their love for Jesus.

After waking at 530am on Friday and heading downtown, signing in and meeting the Secret Service type guys that gave us our 'duties' -- we headed down to the FLOOR section to help people with the seats on the floor level.

Once the Pre-conference started, we sat down and enjoyed the show.

Anita Renfroe was even MORE funny than I thought she would be! She had us all in tears laughing so hard and is a sweet heart. She was sweet to her fans as we got them through her line as she signed and snapped photos with everyone. She thanked me for helping with the event and said they couldn't do it without the endless volunteers that are serving, so she was very geniune and sweet about that.

We chatted about jewelry, as she was wearing a really awesome set! She spoke at the Premier Designs Conference in July, and I told her that I'd be happy to book a party for her and help her earn lots of FREE Jewelry. ;)

Patsy Clairmont and Jan Silvious were at the Preconference with Anita, and they were both a joy to watch.

After a short break for lunch, I headed upstairs to be the 'bouncer/security' for the Meet and Greet and got a chance to meet and chat with Sandi Patty, Louise DuArt, Patsy Clairmont and a few others. What an HONOR to meet Sandi Patty!

I told her that we chose one of her songs as our wedding song. She asked how she did.. I told her the wedding was almost 19 years ago so she must have done something right! She was 100% down to earth and wanted to give hugs and smiles and was a blessing to all around her.

Louise DuArt and I chatted a bit about her show, Living the Life. I love that show and TiVo it regularly and was very happy she did not ask me if I enjoyed her skits on the show. ;) She and her husband wrote, Couples Who Pray, and we talked about the importance of prayer in a marriage.

The evening part of the conference was just as fun, just not as celeb filled.... until we did the book signings.

Nicole C Mullen is an AMAZING lady with the voice of an angel and the heart for her fans that was soooo touching!

We had a lady in the line that told us of how her brother had been killed in an auto accident, and her mother played Nicole's song, WHEN YOU CALL ON JESUS, at his funeral. She was very emotional, as you can imagine. Nicole spoke with her for a long time and ministered to her grief and SPOKE ON THE CELL PHONE TO THE MOTHER.... it was such a touching moment for everyone blessed to witness the healing powers of Nicole Mullen taking 5 min to touch the lives of her fans.

Nicole was in tears, the fans were in tears, we were in tears as we tried moving more fans through the lines.

After the lady left the line with a signature and a smile, Nicole said through teary eyes that is THE Reason she gets up each day. She was lifted and felt blessed to have shared such a moment with a fan and her mom.

I am now the #1 fan of Nicole C Mullen after witnessing how she loves to share the gospel and to know she is touching lives and really feels blessed to do so. NOT to mention, her songs are totally RAWKIN'.

Shelia Walsh was the only one that I didn't have a face to face conversation with throughout the event, but her speech was touching.

Natalie Grant.... WHAT do I say about this lady? You just get chills listening to her sing. I told her about the special meaning her song, In Better Hands, has for me.

I heard the song just before Mom was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Mom and I watched the video while she was at Hospice and we were both in tears together and without a word exchanged both sat in silence and grief.

She has the most precious twin daughers and they were dancing around and walking with those chunky little legs that were just sooooo sweet. You should see the way they both watched her as she sang and spoke. We were sitting just at the stage in the front row and when she sang that song and she glanced at me, I felt such a peace about Mom being in Better Hands.

To see her pray between each song was a very special moment that I'll not soon forget.

I was the one ushering those through her line so we chatted throughout the signing and to see how she interacted with fans was amazing. You would swear she was the girl next door with the way she opened her arms for hugs to everyone and made them feel like they were old friends.

Was it worth being on my feet for 15 hours each day? Absolutely. Will I do it next year? I'll let you know when the blisters go down. ;)

I left with a knowledge that the Christian 'celebs' that you'd expect to treat their fans like other celebs do.... don't treat them like FANS at all.

They treated them like family.

They treated them like Sisters.

They treated them like Sisters in Christ.

For that..... it was worth being on my feet that long.

So.... anyone needs any info on the Sports Forum... I can tell ya where every bathroom is and every consession stand! LOL

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Melanie said...

Lisa - I work at Women of Faith and came across your post :) I'm SO glad you had a great time and that the speakers were so down to earth! That's always so nice to hear :) Thanks for serving as a volunteer - that team really helps keep things going! I'd love to send you a little trinket as a thanks for posting. If you'd like me to, you can send me a line with your address to



P.S. - the BodyGlide Anti-Blister and Chafing Stick is SO great for preventing blisters :)