Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tips from the Recession-ista!

A new feature........

Tips from the Recession-ista Lisa!!!!

Feel free to send in your tips - be sure to give all details and your name/state and you can earn your Recession-ista status!!!

We all are trying to save where and when we can, and as women... we are our OWN best resource! Let's share what has saved your family the most!!!!

Our first tip:

Make Your Own Frozen Waffles

Instead of buying store bought frozen waffles, I used to spend one Saturday morning cooking up a huge batch of homemade waffles and then would stick them in the freezer. When the kids wanted waffles, I would just pull out a frozen waffle and pop it in the toaster.

Economical and efficient.

Now I use the Aunt Jemima Mix, 20 waffles for $2.69 compared with Eggo Waffles, 10 waffles for $2.50.

Enjoy the weekly tips! Do you have a website that you stalk for tips/deals?


Christy said...

Sorry I have no tips to give. So sad. lol. The waffles sounds like a good idea. The only prolem is, I have done the pancakes thing before and NO ONE will eat them. LOL. But it is a cool tip. THanks for sharing.

Kimberly said...

Great tips, Lisa :o) I go to and for coupons and freebies tips :)