Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lost and Found

It has been so long since I've picked up my adhesive runner and paper trimmer! I've been inspired to do something.... anything.... for awhile now. I just haven't been able to find any inspiration to put ink to paper.

I went on an amazing blog hop today and have seen so much inspiration and am ready to try my hand at this latest sketch from their site.

I was such an avid scrapper for so many years.... I started out as a hobby, then as a consultant for a scrappy company, then a message board.. to a website..... to an online store... to selling kits and mailing out more than my postman wanted to carry to his truck each day.

I was creative and happy and saw beauty in the world in a way that has been lost to me for these years since.

I saw different beauty in the world.... the beauty of a baby girl named Jenna as she entered this world and became part of my heart. I went from a mom of 2 to a mom of 3 and life changed drastically. Now........ my journey takes another turn with the addition of our 4th child soon and even though life will be crazier and busier than EVER before.... I want the eyes of a creative soul back and am ready to embrace ART and babies all at the same time!

Blogs have changed since I posted daily, you tube now shows videos of everything you can think of, and websites galleries are all filled with different people showcasing different talents.

I feel like I'm taking a small piece of myself back, but not in a selfish way. It is a piece that I use to share the lives of those closest to me. I'm excited to get started.

I'm excited. Just 2 words, but words that carry so much meaning.

Thanks so much to the ladies of for helping me find my voice again.

Now off to find some paper to cut up!

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Kimberly said...

I for one, couldn't be happier... I've always loved seeing your creations!!! Welcome back!!! :) Let me know if you ever want some company :)