Monday, November 3, 2008

Thank you for calling.. How may I help you today????

Well, for those wondering where I've wandered to.... I've wandered only as far as my laptop and headset!
I am in training now to work from home for a cable company.... I'm training to stand at the ready to answer the most off the wall question about your bill you can come up with!
Ohhhh, I once thought I'd just answer and say ' yooooo yooo, wat up dawg? whur your payment is? We not got it yet, so whuritat?'
But, that is NOT the script I was given! Alas, it is a bit more difficult that I once thought.
Alas, they expect... no... they DEMAND that I actually KNOW something about the company!
So, I'm hidden away in training each day so that I can explain the complexities of Hubs and Trunks and Truck Rolls and NODS, etc to the average customer calling to cancel his HBO or 'try' to get out of paying for the 10 ADULT movies that somehow just showed up on his bill!
For those who know me well, you know that there MUST be some sort of funny or ironic story to this.... otherwise, it just wouldn't fit with my life story.
You, my dear friends, are not wrong.
As it turns out..... in a world of working from home.... 'getting to work' consists of me loggin into my own cable company / Internet and signing into work. In other words, to 'drive' to work... I just log in.
(don't get jealous yet... I've not even told you that I get to work in my jammies while watching TV and sipping coco)
My own Internet decided that an easy life was not meant to be for me!
Yes, my Internet died.
The line went dead.
The lights stopped blinking and the computer cried foul.
I had to call in to my supervisor at the cable company I work for to say 'I can't log into work today because my own cable is out.'
The irony of it is just too much for me to take!
So, as I sit and wait for my cable guy tomorrow...
the THIRD one since Friday might I add.....
I will have to get out of my work clothes, aka my jammies... and actually clean the house instead of having headset on and watching Regis and Kelly!
Times ARE tough, my friends. Times are tough!


Kimberly said...

How cool!!!! Are they still hiring? I would love to work from home... pleeeeeeease hook me up :)

Teresa said...

I'm so glad you found something to do at home. What I was doing did not work out for me.