Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Such a special day.......

Today is November 4th. Yes, it is a day for the Presidential Election.

That is NOT why it is so special to me.

Today is a day of reflection.

19 years ago, as very young and naive girl of only 18 years old walked down the aisle of a lil' Georgia church towards a man that was to be her husband.

This man was only 19. Looking back now, this 'man' was really just a boy just like I was just a girl. We were so young.

Our daughter is about to turn 17 years old in a couple weeks. I met my destiny and my love when I was only 17.

It was at the age of 17 that I decided that I wanted this man and only this man for the rest of my life. I can not imagine the heartbreak we would both feel if she came home today with the sentence of.... "I am going to marry this guy!"

I know that our parents had major reservations about our decision. I think everyone had major reservations about our decision. Everyone, except for us.

I looked into your eyes and you showed me your heart and your soul. I knew that I would only find true love there and that is what you have shown me ever since.

Little did I know that I was walking that aisle towards a man with so much love for me that he would stand with me during the hardest times of my life.

That this man of only 19 years old, would be so strong that the foundation of his Faith could not be shaken. His heart so large that it would grow to love his new wife and their children that would follow in years to come.

I could not have known that the man I walked towards would turn into the best Father to my children, and show them the amazing love and devotion that he would shower upon me.

I could never have known that when he said "I do" to the vow of 'in sickness and in health" he really would sit with me while I cried over a diagnosis and assure me that everything would be alright.

I didn't know that he would become the Dr that I needed and give me the medication at the time I needed, then stand with me as I became sick because of it.

I didn't know that he would dance with our daughter, as she put her tiny feet upon his as he taught her to dance. I didn't know that he would stand at 1st base just so our son would see his Daddy's proud face as he ran to first base after hitting the ball.

I didn't know any of this.

I do know all of this now. I don't know what the next 19 years will bring or what you will be at that time.

I do know this.... I know that you are the man that holds my heart and my soul. You are the man that I dream of each night and am blessed to wake up to each morning. I know that I am blessed beyond measure to have you in my life.

There are so many flashes of memories of times that I realized I didn't deserve you. So many times you were strong for me, while feeling crushed and helpless inside.

When you rushed home to hold me after that call from the Dr. When you sat with me at Denny's and I could not find a word for syrup and the waitress was in a hurry and you gave me such a sweet look and waited patiently while I found the words.

I can never find the words to express my love and devotion to you, my love.

You are my everything. My heart is yours and you've taken such good care of it for all these years.

I promise that I will spend the next 19 years trying to show you that I would not trade a moment of our lives for anything in this world!

With all my love, all my heart, all my prayers.........

Happy Anniversary, my dear Chris!

I love you always.


kmmiller said...

Hope you have a Happy Anniversary. I love to hear stories about young love.


Christy said...

Happy Anniversary guys.

Kimberly said...

Happy Anniversary Lisa and Chris!!!